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Peter Gunn, Chief Financial Officer, UnitingCare Queensland

Justin has been providing consulting support to myself and my leadership team for a number of years in various ways. His focus has been on providing strategic and leadership advice and more recently taking carriage of a number of corporate initiatives.

His ability to engage and work closely with teams across a very complex organisation to achieve significant results through 1:1 coaching has been invaluable. Our team call on Justin’s expertise regularly to ensure they are getting the most from their teams, and themselves as leaders.

Justin has a very engaging personality which enables him to build rapport with colleagues and peers across the organisation. While much of Justin’s work (and success) happens behind the scenes, the results show in the high regard in which he is held across the team.

Kerry Duffy, Chief Operating Officer, SMB Solutions

Justin conducted a team analysis and feedback session with our family business. Using Belbin, Justin was able to easily establish rapport and lead the group through understanding the team and individual strengths and weaknesses. Despite having done numerous similar activities over the years, the group CEO said that this session was the most useful he had ever participated in.

The other team members also commented on how easy it was to follow and how much it would assist them in the future. Highly recommend Justin for his facilitation skills and application of Belbin.

Joanne McLachlan, Financial Accountant, UnitingCare

Justin has a natural ability to get you motivated and thinking about what direction you want your future to take. He challenges you to think outside the box and consider ideas you have never thought or dreamed about. Sometimes we need someone who understands the pressures, expectations and challenges we face and to give us clarity around what we can do to meet not only our professional goals but some personal ones too.

If you are like me and feel you have lost direction in the workplace or just need someone to ask you the hard questions to look deep within yourself about where you want your future to be, then I highly recommend you contact Justin from Management PT

Thanga Balasubramaniam, Process Manager, Contract to Cash, Ausenco Business Services Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)

Mr Justin Savaille has recently presented his training on DISC profile and Leadership Principle to the management team of Ausenco Business Services which is based in Malaysia.

He is a skilled presenter who maintains participant’s engagement with a unique combination of thorough, meaningful and real life examples with practical application.

This was by far one of the best 4 hours training I’ve experienced throughout my career. In short, I would sum up to say his training had the 4 E’s factor ;-Experienced, Energetic, Engaging and Ever-lasting!!

Simply brilliant!!

Ai Lin Ng, General Manager, Ausenco Business Services Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)

Justin has shown excellent people skills specifically in the area of leadership, training and managing staff in difficult situations. The great result of his work was seen in the smooth transition of the financial and human resource related transactional activities from Brisbane to Kuala Lumpur.

He is an inspiring leader who thrives in times of adversity and encourages the team members to aspire to serve their best even though they are aware of being made redundant at the end of the process.

Justin provided leadership, induction and management training to the new team in Ausenco’s Malaysian shared service entity. He had also introduced profiling of managers in order for the new team to be a peak performance team.

Our shared services centre has provided seamless transition to Ausenco which is proof of the good foundation laid by Justin on the team and managers. I am pleased to recommend Justin to any organisation looking to improve and guide their managers to be better leaders specifically leaders in adversity.