Ok. I will agree that to many of you this sounds weird. Why on earth would I treat my staff like children? The key here is that I believe you should have genuine care for them and treat them like your own children. Why? The answer is because it’s both your job as a leader and it’s the best way for you to succeed.
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As a leader of people we are entrusted with their development. We have the responsibility to coach them to achieve their goals, to give them regular feedback and generally look after their welfare. There are similarities to the responsibilities that parents have for their children. I know that managing a team can never be the same as the unconditional love a parent offers a child. However leaders need to recognise the responsibility they are entrusted with and show genuine care for their staff members to ensure they are developing them and looking after them.

I have had many staff members over the years that I personally did not like. However I genuinely cared for them all. What I mean by that is that even though I did not like them as a person, I understood my responsibility to look after them. Therefore I would ensure that I was still developing them, protecting them, giving them feedback and overall helping them to succeed.

I freely admit that sometimes that was hard. But as a leader that’s my job – a bit like my job as a parent. I can’t decide when I do and don’t care for my children. I don’t only care for some of my children and not others. I look after all of them because I have been entrusted with their wellbeing. It’s a job that I take seriously, just like my job as a leader.

So apart from a sense of responsibility why do we need to genuinely care for our staff? What’s in it for you? Here are a few questions that will help you. Do you think that if you show genuine care for your staff and look after their wellbeing that they will notice? Do you think that staff members that feel cared for will be more engaged? Do you think that they will be more motivated to achieve their goals? Do you think that they will have better relationships with you and be more loyal? Do you think that they will go above and beyond when the chips are down?

As a leader do you believe that having engaged, motivated, goal orientated, loyal staff that are willing to go above and beyond will help you to succeed in your role?

The answer for me is yes. That is why you should genuinely care for your staff and look after them like you would your own children. As a leader it’s your job and it’s also the recipe for success.

Justin Savaille


Management PT


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